“I’ve been in GenOx for 11 years. Any problem we have – the people in the office help us. If we have problems with the trailers, with equipment, we bring a trailer over to the shop, and the mechanic helps us fix it up quick and be back on the road.”
– Jorge Depaz, GenOx driver

“We have the best equipment in the industry. We have new equipment, and we have staff at GenOx that supports us. You know, they keep us rolling. And we have Kevin Mathews, the owner, the man in charge. He’s a great businessman, and he keeps things going so we can always have work in order – you know, to do what we came to do, and that’s to make a profit.”
– Robert Shinn, GenOx driver

Benny Hines“I feel like GenOx has my back. That makes me a better driver ; makes me more of a professional, and I try to keep myself up, and I like to look like that. When I go to my customers, my rig is like top notch. I’m very picky. I try to dress nice, and I always have a pleasant attitude. So when you’re working with a company like GenOx, they keep you in the game.”
– Benny Hines, GenOx driver