At GenOx
Safety is
Our First Priority

Cultivating a Culture of Safety

Genox Transportation, Inc. only uses independent contractors as drivers. All of our professional independent contractors go through a rigorous background check and GenOx’s selection process exceeds the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s driver qualification requirements.
Drivers must show that they have successfully completed training on the transport and handling of liquefied gases, in addition to Department of Transportation-mandated training, before they are allowed to begin hauling for GenOx. In addition to an extensive safety and orientation program, they also must complete the Great West Casualty Insurance Company “Value Driven Driving Program” and watch the rollover training video produced by DOT and National Tank Truck Carriers.

The Safest Drivers Drive for Genox Transportation!

“I couldn’t be more proud of our safety team, operations … the whole team at Genox.”
– CEO Kevin Mathews

A focus on safety, attention to detail, and investments in new technology are the heart of the core value of Genox.

At Genox, it’s always safety first!